One app, hundreds of $ saved.


For the serious ones

1.99$ per month
  •  Unlimited custom categories
  •  Unlimited expenses history
  •  Unlimited goals
  •  Fixed price (your subscription fee will never go up)
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For the curious ones

0$ per month
  •  Unlimited custom categories
  •  Search up to 100 expenses
  •  Up to 5 goals

Why isn't PyroHabit free ?

Pyrohabit is hosted on a web server so that anyone on the Internet can access it. This web hosting costs money.

On the other hand, PyroHabit is an original software developed by myself. Software development is my job : I can't afford to work for free, or else I will starve and die 👻😇.
Keep in mind that no app is fully free : I chose not to sell people's data or use ads on PyroHabit, because I believe it to be a path more respectful of my users.

Having more questions ? Ask me anything.