PyroHabit : all the features

PyroHabit helps you reach financial independence by pointing out where to reduce your expenses. Here is how it works :

List of expenses

Write down all the expenses you make in your day-to-day life. PyroHabit keeps them available, secured and sorted.

  •  Sort expenses by date and category
  •  Create custom expense categories
  •  Import/export from/to JSON and CSV files
  •  The data is encrypted (AES-256)
Screenshot of the 'Expenses' page

Financial goals

Goals set a direction in your financial strategy. They can be used to create spending habits or just to challenge yourself in consuming more responsibly.

  •  Recurring spending goals
  •  Time-bounded spending goals
  •  Retirement calculator
Screenshot of the 'Goals' page


PyroHabit automatically creates charts based on your data, so that you can analyze your financial situation from a single glance.

  •  Customizable time period
  •  Evolution of expenses by category over time
Screenshot of the 'Dashboard' page