Financial independence
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"If you want to retire within 10 years, simply live on 35% of your take-home pay."

Yet, the majority people don't save enough, or don't save at all.

PyroHabit solves this problem.

People don't want money, they want the freedom that comes with having money. There are but two ways to gain this financial freedom : by raising your income, or by decreasing your expenses.

Decreasing your expenses is easier than raising your income, but consumers keep on consuming. Regular personal finance apps cannot fix this issue - they tend to make it worse. PyroHabit is different : it helps you reach this financial independence.

PyroHabit only does one thing, so that it does it better : it focuses on what comes out of your pocket, rather than on what comes in.

I use PyroHabit to shape good money habits, memorize my expenses, track where my costs go, reach financial goals etc. without financial jargon - in a simple, secured and automated manner.

Any questions ? I'd be glad to answer them. Otherwise, I'd love for you to give PyroHabit a shot.